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Tieksme^: blje nokaveeju
Tieksme^: 2pac
Tieksme^: rest in peac
agrox: PeterB izsleedz no-recoil
EdaZ: eu es gribu sho atpakal - http://not.evil.lv/panem.swf
EdaZ: Blinds ir esporta pavelnieks jau?
Lēkme: taa
Lēkme: Es esmu Apex Legends pavelnieks
Lēkme: Laimīgu jauno gadu eee
UNLIMITED: iznac no skapja
Lēkme: soory
Lēkme: Es čītoju
Andris: Paldies
PeterB: sveiciens Andrim vārda dienā
UNLIMITED: pubg mobile > pubg
Magic Unicorn: pubg > fortnite
UNLIMITED: Apsveicu PeterB dzimsanas diena :party:
UNLIMITED: Es piemeram esmu pubg moobile pavelnieks
Tieksme^: es piemeram esmu Fortnite pavelnieks taa
UNLIMITED: Cau Desinja
UNLIMITED: hulji Ro! svin 9. Maiju?
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mission accomplished

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25-08-2011 08:57
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Citāts:IceFrog has made his second contribution to the Dota 2 development blog, with the announcement that Valve Corporation will be scrapping its release model and instead, push for the soonest possible release. This new plan contradicts what the game's lead designer had previously laid out, which had looked to keeping the product in its beta phase until it had incorporated all the heroes from Defense of the Ancients. Due to a great amount of feedback, which has expressed a mixture of longing and envious resentment, Valve has taken this into consideration and labelled their method as "dumb".

This move may widely considered unexpected and unprecedented from Valve, as the company has a fierce reputation and informally-spoken policy of releasing a game that is "done when it is done". For the near future, the beta will continue through invites only and eventually, turn to an open stage before release. One specific change in policy that IceFrog specifically pointed out is the player-produced media for the game. Containing the integrity of the game's non-disclosure has struggled and failed recently. To accommodate this, Valve has removed the non-disclosure agreement, allowing for testers to produce as much media as possible.

Dota 2 has a tentative release date of early 2012. The influence of this new policy will likely move said release to a closer date.

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My eyes finally wide open up
(Šo ierakstu pēdējoreiz laboja: 23-09-2011 23:30 uxus.)
23-09-2011 23:20
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tikmer jamauc LoL's Smile

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24-09-2011 00:41
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