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This is a short guide that will walk you through a couple steps that will help speed up your computer.

1. Startup Processes

* Go to: Start>Run>Type "msconfig"(without the quotes)
* Go to the Startup Tab
* Uncheck any processes you don't use at startup(e.x. Quicktime, AIM, MSN)
* Click Apply then Restart

2. CCleaner
CCleaner is a great little application that deletes cookies, clears cache, empties your recycle bin, etc.

* Download CCleaner(from google)
* Iinstall CCleaner then Run Cleaner it(note: This will clear your cookies which means your saved passwords and usernames will be gone)
* Go to the Registry tab and Scan for Issues
{*]After its finished scanning click>Fix selected issues...>Fix All Selected Issues>Ok. Continue this process until scanning brings about no issues.

3. Bootvis.exe(only for windows)

* Download bootvis.exe(from google)
* Install bootvis.exe
* In the toolbar go to Trace>Optimize System. The system will reboot after 10 seconds.
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